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first theme was a color blue I found 4 blue thing around the area I found a house near by some blue tiles a blue hall and yea. I know the tile looks grey it cause of lighting it more… Continue Reading →

Bear lake.

bear lake Utah. my grandpa has a cabin up in bear lake and its so amazing in the winter. in the winter we go sledding have hot hot chocolate and many sweet treats. and we get to sleep in. in… Continue Reading →

A day in the life.

A day in the life. First thing I do is wake up, go hop in the shower. Then I get out brush my teeth. I get ready for school. I only have electives which is painting and journalism. So I… Continue Reading →

my favorite color

red is my favorite color. and it always has been, ever sense I was a little kid. her are some thing’s I found that are red in my school. so I found some marker’s, and a pair of scissors, for… Continue Reading →

dream 4 car garage!

Ferrari Testarossa: easily one of my favorite cars. at lowest you can buy one for 250,000$. Very expensive! Comes with a 4.9L f113 and a f113 B flat 12, Not the most reliable. But it works out…. Amazing looking car…. Continue Reading →

how to make churros

hands down churros are one of my favorite  deserts – when made fresh from scratch of course. These are the best churros I’ve ever had, first whisk together 1/2 cup sugar and cinnamon in a shallow dish, set aside. Heat… Continue Reading →

Amart cafe!

Mac N Cheeseburger! when i first saw this meal, i noticed the Mac N Cheese the taste was very lean and meaty, combined with the crispy Mac N Cheese bun was a great mach. definitely would eat… Continue Reading →

favorite cars!

1}Ferrari Testarossa . 2} 2006 c6 Corvette Z06 3} 2003 c5  Z06 Corvette 4} 1997 Nissan S14 5} 1969 SS Camaro   6}1970 mustang boss 7}1965 chevy impalla 8} 1987 Ferrari F40 8} 2002 Ferrari enzo 9}1989 Nissan GTR R32… Continue Reading →

lake Powell!

Lake Powell! Lake Powell is an amazing place. We have jet skis, house boat, wake boat, and a lot a of wake surfing! I love lake Powell. And we play corn hole. My dad takes it very seriously! We watch… Continue Reading →

My favorite things!

free write about my favorite things I love to do I love cars! Going to car shows, car meets, is one of my favorite things to do. And anything on the topic about cars I am intrested  in. Other than… Continue Reading →

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